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Ascent Programme - Advancing Female Potential

Ascent will help women to step up through:

  • Strengthening strategic thinking
  • Building leadership presence
  • Enriching workplace relationships and support networks
  • Discovering their unique voice and edge
  • Creating change agents
  • Developing resilience

Ascent is an immersive Talent Development Programme that accelerates the personal and professional growth of your aspiring future female leaders.

Through experiential learning, Ascent will support and challenge women to
create their future leadership vision, build their personal brand and develop their sense of self.

Who is Ascent for?

Aimed at creating exceptional future female leaders, Ascent is for women who have been identified by your organisation as having potential for senior leadership within the next 5 years. Typically, in their roles, they will already be in a position of influence, managing multiple stakeholders, managing teams and complex projects and activities.

Why the Ascent programme?

Our aim is to redress gender imbalance within organisations, develop women’s potential and create exceptional future female leaders. We believe this is essential in creating long-lasting, sustainable businesses for the future.

Ascent supports your strategic ambitions around talent and diversity. It will aid the growth of your internal female leadership pipeline, improve gender balance in management and leadership, increase retention of female talent, and strengthen cultures of diversity and inclusion.

Contact us today to have a chat about how we can help to advance your female potential.

Women in Finance Charter
- a pledge for gender balance across financial services