At Summit Human Potential we care about business success, and we care about people.

We work with leaders, teams, and talent to design fully scoped solutions tailored to your success criteria. Whether you want individual, team, or group work, we can help. We work either virtually or face to face. Here are our people-focused solutions:

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Working with Teams

“Not finance. Not Strategy. Not Technology. It is teamwork that remains the ultimate competitive advantage, both because it is so powerful and so rare.”
Patrick Lencioni (2002; vii)

Teamwork is your ultimate competitive advantage, but we know that the biggest challenge for teams is to become more than the sum of its parts. To that end, we offer several team-focused activities to help bring your teams together, work more effectively and resolve some tricky issues:

1. DISC Personality Profiles

  • Would you like your team members to communicate more effectively?
  • Do you want to better understand those around you?
  • Would you like to minimise team conflict and people issues?
DISC is a powerful tool that will help you understand your teams and help you learn how to communicate in more effective ways. It will help you give you amazing insights into individual styles as well as group styles, helping you maximise your team’s performance.

DISC workshops can be delivered virtually or face to face, from half a day to a day, depending on the size.

2. Facilitated Team Development

Team Development isn’t just about building spaghetti bridges or playing team games! Whilst those are useful, working together away from the office can have a lasting and transformational effect on a team. We facilitate offsite team development days that are designed to bring teams together, provide support and challenge. Whether you’re a new team or an established one, we can help you build trust, re-connect after the distancing of the pandemic and help you become more aligned.

3. Facilitated Strategy Days

  • Are you clear on your team / organisational priorities?
  • To what extent is everyone aligned and accountable?
  • Are you all on board with your 3–5-year vision?
We will bring your team(s) together to help you achieve clarity about what matters most to your organisation’s ongoing success. We’ll help you build commitment to your priorities and generate accountability to see them through.

4. Team Coaching

  • What is your team’s purpose?
  • In what ways do you create value for all your team’s stakeholders?
  • Are you able to work and learn effectively together?
From bringing together new teams, generating shared leadership, achieving performance objectives, and helping you actively engage with your stakeholders, Team Coaching can bring you together collectively and co-creatively.

Typically, team coaching occurs over a period of 6-12 months with sessions every 4-8 weeks. Team Coaching projects are fully scoped up front with regular reviews throughout.

Working with Groups

1. Group Facilitation

Group facilitation can be useful for any team or group at any level of an organisation. People issues, conflict, and lack of alignment can stop teams performing at their best. As external facilitators, we bring the skills to help you work through and resolve issues, build trust and engagement.

Group Facilitation can be over a series of meetings or a one-off meeting.

2. Themed Interactive Workshops

We offer themed interactive workshops to suit your team’s / organisation’s development needs. Topics include presentation skills, negotiation, having difficult conversations, coaching skills, giving feedback.

Workshops can be either virtual or face to face and are usually 1-2 days.

3. Talent Development

It’s not easy switching from working alone to managing a team. Even high performing managers aren’t always ready to jump from managing one team to several teams at once. We help overcome these transition and management challenges, supporting talented individuals through key career milestones to become capable and confident leaders.

Our signature Talent Development programme, ‘Ascent’ is aimed at accelerating and supporting women’s progression through development pipelines and helping them break into senior leadership and leaders of organisations. 

We have 3 programmes, for Early, Mid-Level and Senior Leaders.


Working with Individuals

1. Executive & Leadership Coaching

One-to-one Executive / Leadership Coaching addresses areas such as individual performance, self-leadership, career transitions, motivation, achievement, resilience, working collaboratively across silos, leading others as well as organisational sustainability and purpose. 

Engagements are typically 12 months in duration with an upfront sponsor agreement (where appropriate) and regular reviews.

Ind-Team-Org Success

Why work with us?

We are leadership specialists, experienced leadership coaches and facilitators. We also have decades of real-life experience in business and leadership from our backgrounds in Financial and Professional Services.

Our combined experience, knowledge and training means we understand the challenges and opportunities within systems and organisations. We bring fresh insights and expertise along with support, challenge, creativity and energy. We take pride in our work and hold ourselves to a high standard of quality and excellence. 

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